Beginning the Work

Tier Two Survey

Most nominees (82%) reported that their project, program, or organization was created in response to a challenge or need in the tribal community. These challenges include health disparities, loss of traditional foodways and lifeways, access to traditional and/or healthy food, and more. Nominees are addressing these challenges in programs across Indian Country in a variety of innovative ways.



The importance of community engagement continued to be a strong theme in the tier two survey data. Over half of the nominees reported that they were created by their community members, with approximately 33% that they were created out of community organizing or activism around a specific issue. These issues varied: some nominees reported that they were created because of changing federal policies that recognized Tribal sovereignty to govern their foodways and use of their lands' natural resources, some grew out of existing partnerships with Native-led organizations focused on promoting health equity and reducing health disparities, and some came as the result of youth in the community coming together to create programs that tied them more fully to their culture and traditional foods and lifeways. These are just a few examples of the challenges, needs, and opportunities that the nominees came together in their communities to address.