Quapaw Nation Agriculture

5681 S 630 Rd, Quapaw, OK 74363;

Coharie Tribal Community Garden

Website: https://coharietribe.org/programs/coharie-community-gardens/
Point of Contact: Tabatha Brewer
E-Mail Address: brewertabatha@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 910-564-6909
Location: 7531 N US Hwy 421, Clinton, NC 28328

Yakanal: Putting Our Culture Back Into Agriculture

Website: https://www.yakanal.org/food-sovereignty

Point of Contact: Kyle Swimmer      

E-Mail Address: shpeyiah@aol.com 

Saokio Heritage

Website: http://saokioheritage.com/

Point of Contact: Rosalyn LaPier     

E-Mail Address: saokioheritage@gmail.com

Location: Valier, MT 59486

Red Cliff Food Distribution

Website: http://redcliff-nsn.gov/divisions/HumanServices/fooddist.htm

Point of Contact: Travis Meyers

E-Mail Address: travis.meyers@redcliff-nsn.gov

Phone Number: 715-779-3740  

Location: 88385 Pike Rd, Bayfield, WI 54814

Notah Begay III Foundation

Website: http://www.nb3foundation.org/

Point of Contact: Dakotah

E-Mail Address: dakotah@nb3f.org

Location: 290 Prairie Star Rd, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004

The Star School

Website: http://www.starschool.org/about-us-3/

Point of Contact: Mark Sorensen

Phone Number: 9284154157

Location: 145 Leupp Rd. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Prairie Island Food Sovereignty Program

Website: http://prairieisland.org/

Point of Contact: Nicole Staudt

Phone Number: 6513854103

Location: 5636 Sturgeon Lake Road, Welch, MN 55089

Cansayapi Wozani Ti (Lower Sioux Health Care Center)

Website: http://lowersiouxhhs.org/

Point of Contact: Mariah Norwood

E-Mail Address: Mariah.norwood@lowersiouxhealth.com

Phone Number: 918-533-0865

Location: 39648 Res. Highway 3, Morton, MN 56270

Quapaw Farmers Market

Website: http://quapawtribe.com/606/Farmers-Market

Point of Contact: Michelle Bowden

E-Mail Address: farmersmarket@quapanation.com

Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project

Website: https://americanindian.si.edu/nk360/pnw-history-culture/muckleshoot.cshtml

Point of Contact: Valerie Segrest

E-Mail Address: vsegrest@gmail.com

Swinomish Community Environmental Health

Website: http://www.swinomish.org/resources/health-wellness/community-environmental-health.aspx

Point of Contact: Jamie Donatuto

E-Mail Address: jdonatuto@swinomish.nsn.us

Phone Number: 360-466-1532

Native Food Sovereignty Fellows

Website: www.indigenousfoodandag.com

Point of Contact: Whitney Sawney

E-Mail Address: wsawney@uark.edu           

Phone Number: 479-575-5128

Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance

Website: https://aktca.org/contact/

Point of Contact: Kyla Gongora

E-Mail Address: projects@aktca.org

Phone Number: 907-334-0907

Wind River Food Sovereignty Program

Website: https://www.windriverfsp.com/

Point of Contact: Hank Hererra

E-Mail Address: Hank@c-prep.org

Phone Number: 510-637-9399

Renewing Traditional Foods

Point of Contact: Nancy Carnley

E-Mail Address: machis@centurytel.net

Phone Number: 334-897-3207

Bago Grows Program

Website: www.hccdc.org

Point of Contact: Vincent L. Bass

E-Mail Address: vbass@hccdc.org

Phone Number: 402-878-2192

Center For Traditional Medicine

Website: www.cwis.org

Point of Contact: Leslie Korn

E-Mail Address: lekorn@cwis.org

Healthy Choices Program At Center School

Website: www.centerschool.org

Point of Contact: Joseph Rice

E-Mail Address: jrice@centerschool.org

Meskwaki Agriculture & Food Sovereignty

Website: https://meskwaki.org/community-services/mfsi/

Point of Contact: Shelley R. Buffalo

E-Mail Address: fsc.econdev@meskwaki-nsn.gov

North Leupp Family Farms

Website: northleuppfamilyfarm.org

E-Mail Address: nlffarms@gmail.com

Phone Number: 928-299-9137

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition (ONAC)

Website: www.oknativeassets.org

Point of Contact: Christy Finsel

E-Mail Address: Cfinsel@ooknativeassets.org

Phone Number: 405-401-7873

Gakwi:Yo:H Farms

Website: https://sni.org/departments/gakwiyoh-farms, facebook.com/GakwiyohFarms

Point of Contact: Michael Snyder

E-Mail Address: michael.l.snyder@sni.org

Phone Number: 716-801-0116

Alnapek Kkihkan (The People's Garden)

Point of Contact: Maria Girouard   

E-Mail Address: sacredhomelands@gmail.com

Natwani Coalition

Website: www.natwanicoalition.org

Point of Contact: Terri Honani

E-Mail Address: thonani@hopifoundation.org

Phone Number: 928-734-2380

Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council (WTCAC)

Website: www.wtcac.org

Point of Contact: Alan Johnson

E-Mail Address: WTCAC1@gmail.com

Phone Number: 920-618-1402

Michigan Food Access Collaborative

Website: www.facebook.com/HannahvilleHealthCenter

Point of Contact: Kelly Hansen

E-Mail Address: kelly.hansen@hichealth.org

Phone Number: 906-723-2570

Oneida Community Integrated Food Systems

Website: http://www.oneidanation.org/ocifs

Point of Contact: Jesse Padron

E-Mail Address: jpadron@oneidanation.org

Phone Number: (920)869-4454

Chi-Nations Youth Council

Website: https://chinationsyouth.weebly.com/, Facebook.com/NativeYouth

Point of Contact: Janie Pochel

E-Mail Address: chinationsyouthcoucil@gmail.com

FAST Blackfeet

Website: www.fastblackfeet.org

E-Mail Address: FASTBlackfeet@gmail.com

Phone Number: 406-845-2404

Paeloko Learning Center

Website: www.kauahea.org, www.paeloko.org

Point of Contact: Hokulani Holt

E-Mail Address: kauahea@gmail.com

Phone Number: 8082697569

Indigenous Food Network

Website: diw-mn.org

Point of Contact: Louise Matson

E-Mail Address: lmatson@diw-mn.org

Tolani Lake Enterprises

Website: https://www.tolanilake.org/

Point of Contact: Stephanie Hall     

E-Mail Address: stephanie@tolanilake.org

Phone Number: 928-686-6106

Bird Creek Farm

Website: osagenation-nsn.gov

Point of Contact: Jason George

E-Mail Address: jason.george@osagenation-nsn.gov

Phone Number: 918-287-5367

San Xavier Cooperative

Website: www.sanxaviercoop.org

Point of Contact: Gabriel Vega

E-Mail Address: gvega@sanxaviercoop.org

Salmon Marketing Program

Website: www.critfc.org

Point of Contact: Buck Jones

E-Mail Address: buck@critfc.org

Phone Number: 503-731-1319

United Tribes Technical College Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Website: www.uttc.edu

Point of Contact: Brian McGinness

E-Mail Address: bmcginness@uttc.edu

Phone Number: (701)221-1426

Diné Policy Institute

Website: https://www.dinecollege.edu/about_dc/dine-policy-institute-dpi/

Point of Contact: Franklin Sage

E-Mail Address: fsage@dinecollege.edu

Phone Number: 928-724-6943

Aaniiih Nakoda College (ANC) Demonstration Garden & Greenhouse project

Website: www.ancollege.edu

Point of Contact: Cheryl L. Morales

E-Mail Address: cmorales@ancollege.edu

Phone Number: (406)353-2607

Small Farms Of The Kodiak Archipelago

Point of Contact: Robbie Townsend Vennel

E-Mail Address: robbietownsendvennel.kali@gmail.com

Phone Number: 907-299-6185

Seed Change In Native Communities Project

Website: http://www.farmtoschool.org/our-work/native-communities

Point of Contact: Alena Paisano

E-Mail Address: alena@farmtoschool.org

Phone Number: 505-819-8277

Tanka Fund

Website: https://tankafund.org

Point of Contact: Renae Ditmer

E-Mail Address: info@renaeditmer.com

Phone Number: 703-989-6750

Ho-Chunk Farms

Website: https://www.facebook.com/hochunk.farms.5

Point of Contact: Aaron LaPointe

E-Mail Address: alapointe@hochunkfarms.com

Phone Number: (402)878-2809 ext. 1309

Micmac Farms

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MicmacFarms/

Point of Contact: Jacob Pelkey

E-Mail Address: jpelkey@micmacfarms.com

Phone Number: (207) 551-6227

Urban Indian Health Institute

Website: https://www.uihi.org/

Point of Contact: Sofia Locklear

E-Mail Address: sofial@uihi.org

Yazzie the Chef

Website: https://www.yazziethechef.com/

Point of Contact: Brian Yazzie

E-Mail Address: brian@yazziethechef.com

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Food Pantry

Website: https://mashpeewampanoagtribe-nsn.gov/food-pantry

Point of Contact: Darlene Scott

E-Mail Address: darlene.scott@mwtribe-NSN.gov

Phone Number: (508) 477-0208 Ext. 189

Sioux Chef

Website: http://sioux-chef.com/

Point of Contact: Sean Sherman

E-Mail Address: sean@sioux-chef.com, info@sioux-chef.com

Phone Number: 612.486.CHEF (2433)

Toasted Sister Podcast

Website: https://toastedsisterpodcast.com/

Point of Contact: Andi Murphy


Website: https://www.icollectiveinc.org/; https://business.facebook.com/pg/ICollective/

Point of Contact: David Rico/Brit Reed

E-Mail Address: icollectiveinc@gmail.com

Yurok Tribe Food Sovereignty

Website: http://planwestpartners.com/yurok-tribe-food-sovereignty/

Klamath Trinity Food Security

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Local-Business/Klamath-Trinity-Resource-Conservation-District-505064716252863/

Point of Contact: Meagen Baldy

E-Mail Address: meagen18@gmail.com

Phone Number: (530) 625-4846

Muckleshoot Tribal School

Website: https://americanindian.si.edu/nk360/pnw-history-culture/muckleshoot.cshtml

Point of Contact: Valerie Segrest

E-Mail Address: vsegrest@gmail.com


Point of Contact: Holly Hunts

E-Mail Address: hhunts@montana.edu

Phone Number: (406) 994-7993

Sakari Farms

Website: https://sakarifarms.weebly.com/, https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Agricultural-Service/Sakari-Farms-224485035156593/

Point of Contact: Spring Olson

E-Mail Address: sakarifarms@gmail.com

Phone Number: 541-647-9604

Tribal Practices For Wellness In Indian Country

Website: https://www.cdc.gov/healthytribes/tribalpractices.htm

Point of Contact: Joy Johnson

E-Mail Address: joy.johnson@winnebagotribe.com


Point of Contact: Marcus Briggs-Cloud

E-Mail Address: fekecvte@gmail.com

Intertribal Agriculture Council

Website: https://www.indianag.org

Point of Contact: Zach Ducheneaux

E-Mail Address: zach@indianag.org

Phone Number: (406) 259-3525; (605) 964-8320


Website: https://www.marionpolkfoodshare.org/programs/emergency-food/iskam-mekhmek-haws/

Point of Contact: Lexi Stickel

E-Mail Address: astickel@marionpolkfoodshare.org

Phone Number: 503-581-3855

Growing Resilience

Website: http://growingresilience.org/

E-Mail Address: info@growingresilience.org

Phone Number: 307 399 3247

Native Foods Group (Mohegan)

Point of Contact:Stephanie Fear      

E-Mail Address: Safear1989@gmail.com

American Indian Health And Family Services – Sacred Roots Food Sovereignty & Wellness Programs

Website: http://www.aihfs.org/sacredroots.html

Point of Contact: Nickole Fox

E-Mail Address: nfox@aihfs.org,

Phone Number: (313)846-3718

Nw Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition (WEAVE-NW)

Website: http://www.npaihb.org/ntfs-coalition/

E-Mail Address: weave@npaihb.org

Phone Number: 503-228-4185

Indigenous Environmental Network

Website: https://www.ienearth.org/

Point of Contact: Jennifer Falcon

E-Mail Address: jennifer@ienearth.org

Phone Number: 218-751-4967    

EBCI Horticulture Office, Cherokee, NC Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Website: https://cherokeenaturalresources.com/horticulture/

Point of Contact: David Anderson

E-Mail Address: daviande@nc-cherokee.com

Phone Number: 828-359-6099

Native Nutrition Conference

Website: https://seedsofnativehealth.org/conference/

Point of Contact: Mindy Kurzer

E-Mail Address: mkurzer@umn.edu

Phone Number: ((651) 485-8246

Dream Of Wild Health

Website: https://dreamofwildhealth.org/

Point of Contact: Neely Snyder

E-Mail Address: Neely@dreamofwildhealth.org

Phone Number: (612)874-4200 (ext. 115)

Ndee Bikiyaa

Website: https://ndeebikiyaa.org/

Point of Contact: Danya Carroll

E-Mail Address: danyacarroll@wmats.us

Phone Number: 970-6161146

American Indian Cancer Foundation

Website: https://www.americanindiancancer.org/

Point of Contact: Joy Persall (Interim CEO)

E-Mail Address: japersall@gmail.com

Phone Number: 612-790-1711

Indigenous Food Lab

Website: https://www.natifs.org/indigenous-food-lab/

Point of Contact: JDana Thompson

E-Mail Address: dana@sioux-chef.com

Phone Number: 612-242-9700

Ohelaku Among The Corn Stalks

Point of Contact: Laura Manthe

E-Mail Address: lmanthe@oneidanation.org

Phone Number: 920-496-5360    

Oklahoma Tribal Engagement Partners

Website: https://oktep.com/

Point of Contact: Sarah Miracle

E-Mail Address: Sarahmiracle@OKTEP.com

Diné Community Advocacy Alliance

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dineadvocacy/about/?ref=page_internal

Point of Contact: Denisa Livingston

E-Mail Address: info@dineadvovacy.org, denisaworldwide@gmail.com

Indigenous Foods Knowledges Network

Website: https://ifkn.org/

Point of Contact: Mary Beth Jager (Research Coordination Team Member)

E-Mail Address: jager@email.arizona.edu

Phone Number: 406.461.5531

Harvest Nation, Inc.

Website: https://ifkn.org/

Point of Contact: Mary Beth Jager (Research Coordination Team Member)

E-Mail Address: jager@email.arizona.edu

Phone Number: 406.461.5531

Makoce Agriculture Development

Point of Contact: Nick Hernandez

E-Mail Address: nick@makoceag.org

Phone Number: 605-407-4744

Cheyenne River Youth Project

Website: https://lakotayouth.org/

Point of Contact: Julie Garreau

E-Mail Address: julie.cryp@gmail.com, lakotayouth@gmail.com

Phone Number: 605-964-8201

Unconquered Life (Chickasaw Nation)

Website: https://unconquered.life/

Point of Contact: Jackie Lee

E-Mail Address: jackie@unconquered.life

Phone Number: (580) 436-2603

Tohono O'odham Community Action, TOCA

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TOCA-Tohono-Oodham-Community-Action-137202393001616/

Phone Number: 520-383-4966

Gitigaanike, Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians

Website: https://www.4directionsdevelopment.com/

Point of Contact: Sharon James

E-Mail Address: sjames@redlakenation.org

Phone Number: 218-679-1460

Blackfeet ARMP

Website: http://www.blackfeetarmp.com

Point of Contact: Loren BirdRattler

E-Mail Address: lbirdrattler@blackfeetnation.com

Phone Number: (406) 338-7522

Native Health of Phoenix Garden Program

Website: https://www.nativehealthphoenix.org/services/community-health-and-wellness/gardens/

Point of Contact: Melissa Kruse-Peeples

E-Mail Address: mkpeeples@nachci.com

Phone Number: (602) 279-5262


Website: https://www.indigikitchen.com/

Point of Contact: Mariah Gladsone

E-Mail Address: indigikitchen@gmail.com

Colorado River Indian Tribes (Crit)/Federally Recognized Tribal Extension

Program (Frtep) Veggie Demonstration Program

Website: https://www.indiancountryextension.org/extension/office/colorado-river-indian-tribes-extension

Lakota Food Sovereignty Coalition

Website: https://thundervalley.org/program-guide/food-sovereignty-coalition

Point of Contact: Tatawa Means or Dianne Amiotte-Seidel

E-Mail Address: tatewin@thundervalley.org, dianne@thundervalley.org

Phone Number: (605) 455-2700

Tyonek Tribal Conservation District

Website: http://ttcd.org/

Point of Contact: Christy Cincotta

Phone Number: (907) 646-3109

First Nations Development Institute: Nourishing Native Foods & Health

Website: https://www.firstnations.org/

Point of Contact: A-dae Romero-Briones

E-Mail Address: abriones@firstnations.org

Phone Number: 303-774-7836