American Indian Cancer Foundation


Point of Contact: Joy Persall (Interim CEO)

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: 612-790-1711

The American Indian Cancer Foundation develops culturally appropriate, community-based resources that are used to advance the capacity of American Indian and Alaska Native individuals, health systems, and communities in determining best health practices. This Foundation firmly believes that Native communities have the knowledge and wisdom to help solve cancer inequities and supports innovative, community-based methods of doing so. The mission of the American Indian Cancer Foundation is to eliminate the cancer burdens on American Indian and Alaska Native people through improved access to prevention, early detection, treatment and survivor support. Ultimately, the American Indian Cancer Foundation aims to be a partner with tribal and urban community members, leaders, health care providers, and others working towards developing best practices and sustainable solutions for cancer. The Foundation takes action in Indian Country through a variety of methods including health system partnerships, community education and outreach, and community-based research. In health system partnerships, the American Indian Cancer Foundation assists in identifying gaps and finding solutions in care, offering support to improve preventive methods, and conducts health care provider education to increase awareness for those acting as providers of this care. The American Indian Cancer Foundation also deploys community health workers and other resources that help Natives overcome barriers in the system. In addition, the foundation works closely with communities in an effort to establish effective communication to share population-specific data and opportunities with the public. The Biennial Report for 2016 and 2017 highlights two years of growth and reflects stories of success within American Indian and Alaska Native health systems. In addition, their annual Powwow for Hope, held in Minneapolis, MN, is a community healing event and nationwide fundraiser, where proceeds are implemented towards the Foundation’s overall mission.