American Indian Health And Family Services – Sacred Roots Food Sovereignty & Wellness Programs


Point of Contact: Nickole Fox

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Phone Number: (313)846-3718

American Indian Health and Family Services has been providing comprehensive, culturally integrated services to the Detroit, MI, area since 1978. The Sacred Roots program uses the traditions and wisdom of ancestors to help build a legacy of wellness in the Michigan community. This project focuses on community engagement in a unified effort to build healthier relationships, habits, and environments. Functioning similar to a governing body, the Seventh Fire Food Alliance helps to increase people’s voice and actions in the Sacred Roots Program. Sacred Roots Food Sovereignty and Wellness Programs is comprised of various projects including, a community garden, cooking classes, and traditional exercise opportunities. The community garden ultimately makes it easier for people to connect with traditional foods and can be used for traditional teachings and ceremonies. Sacred Roots cooking classes aid in the development of new, innovative ways to integrate traditional fruits and vegetables in everyday diets. Alongside this knowledge, tips for making healthy eating easier and more affordable are also shared with the community members. Realizing the importance of remaining healthy and strong alongside an adequate diet, the Sacred Roots program also creates space and opportunities for exercise. This incorporates traditional Native American dance, gardening, and other games in an effort to promote whole-person wellness.  Alongside the Sacred Roots Food Sovereignty and Wellness Programs, AIHFS also provides medical, behavioral health, infant and parent, cultural, leadership development, and benefits assistance services to those involved.