Blackfeet ARMP


Point of Contact: Loren BirdRattler

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Phone Number: (406) 338-7522

The Agricultural Resource Management Plan for the Blackfeet Nation will serve as a long-term guide for managing the utilization, protection, conservation, and restoration of agricultural lands for the benefit of Blackfeet people and future generations. This plan helps to complete and implement a strategic plan for the overall management of the present agricultural resources and help to develop tribal policies that take into account the future goals that the tribe and tribal landowners have for their communities. Located along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains and Canadian border, the Blackfeet Indian Reservation is the third largest reservation in the United States, including a population of 16,500 enrolled members. The Blackfeet Nation ARMP will acknowledge a myriad of resources throughout the reservation’s 1.5 million acres and 3000 square miles. Much of the agricultural industry for this area is comprised of approximately 575,256 acres of cropland used for harvesting grain, forage production, and livestock production consisting of 50,347 beef cattle, nearly 6500 horses, and 587 sheep. Over half of the 906 farms and ranches are owned and operated by Blackfeet tribal members.  The presence of an ARMP for the Blackfeet Nation will ultimately lead to better control of resources in a way that can be used to help the tribe grow in the scope of the food, health, and nutrition sectors.