Cheyenne River Youth Project


Point of Contact: Julie Garreau

E-Mail Address:,

Phone Number: 605-964-8201

The Cheyenne River Youth Project (CRYP), based in Eagle Butte, South Dakota and founded in 1988, provides culturally sensitive youth programs, family services, and educational events and resources in support of Cheyenne River youth, ages 5 -1 8. The project has developed Native Food Sovereignty initiatives such as a community garden, a Native Food Sovereignty internship, workshops, and classes. The WinyanToka Win Garden is a community garden located at the Cheyenne River Elderly Nutrition Center that provides fresh produce and fosters a sense of connectedness and fulfills the tribe’s elders’ desires for traditional foods and reacquainting Lakota youth with the earth. The garden is managed by CRYP staff and volunteers, and the produce from the garden is incorporated into daily snacks and meals at The Main, CokataWiconi and Keya Café, and made available to the community through the seasonal, weekly Lady Farmers Market. The garden also provides educational opportunities for Native youth, serving as an outdoor classroom for the Main’s Garden Club and CokataWiconi’s Native Food Sovereignty Teen Internship. Cheyenne River youth gain experience in the garden through direct service work planting seeds, weeding, watering, and harvesting. Teen interns then have the opportunity to apply their knowledge at the CokataWiconi’s commercial kitchen, through active learning about how to use the produce from the garden to create healthy meals and snacks. The Native Food Sovereignty workshops offered by CRYP include topics such as: Traditional “Three Sisters” gardening, Natural/pesticide-free gardening, food sovereignty, rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation methods, hoop house gardening, canning and food preservation techniques, healthy cooking methods and alternatives, and Indigenous cooking and recipes.