Diné Policy Institute

Website: https://www.dinecollege.edu/about_dc/dine-policy-institute-dpi/

Point of Contact: Franklin Sage

E-Mail Address: fsage@dinecollege.edu

Phone Number: 928-724-6943

The Diné Policy Institute (DPI) is a research organization in Diné College in the center of the Navajo Nation. The Institute identifies important social and political questions facing the Navajo people and provides public-facing research and informed indigenous perspectives on these critical policy issues. Frequently, the Institute's research focuses on Navajo politics, Navajo governmental reform, natural resource use and energy policy, as well as food systems policy development, and the work of social movements in driving policy reform. The Institute also conducted a Food Sovereignty Assessment for several chapters of the Navajo Nation, analyzing not only the Nation's current food access, but also incorporating traditional cultural foods and stories along with policy perspectives on how to incorporate more of those traditional lifeways into the daily lives of the Diné people.