EBCI Horticulture Office, Cherokee, NC Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Website: https://cherokeenaturalresources.com/horticulture/

Point of Contact: David Anderson

E-Mail Address: daviande@nc-cherokee.com

Phone Number: 828-359-6099

Under the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Office of Natural Resources, the horticulture division focuses on plant propagation for the environment and the Cherokee community.  Serving the tribal members in North Carolina, this entity grows 30+ plant species while operating on 7,200 square feet of greenhouse, 30 raised beds, and 72 nursery and field acres. The Jessie Owle Dugan Native Plant and Greenhouse Facility was constructed in late 2013 and acts primarily as the propagation site for native and culturally significant plants used in aquatic restoration and wildlife habitat improvement projects. This facility has since increased in a capacity, which now allows it to support the production of vegetable transplants, blueberries, fruit trees, honey, and seeds for tribal farmers. In addition, it also provides many educational opportunities and hosts events throughout the year with the help of NC State Cooperative Extension.  While there are currently 30+ native plants being used in stream bank restoration projects and community plantings, a seed storage unit is in the future plans to help facilitate seed collection. Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Horticulture also engages in food production with the cultivation of tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, and numerous varieties of blueberry bushes and apple trees. In addition, special consideration is taken in regards to the inventory of plants with significant cultural ties to the tribe.