Gakwi:Yo:H Farms


Point of Contact: Michael Snyder

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: 716-801-0116

Gakwi:yo:h Farms, serving the Seneca Nation of Indians, implements a Haudenosaunee approach to agricultural practices to address food security and food sovereignty. The farm produces healthy food, employs quality food processing procedures, and makes all foods grown available to Tribal members, contributing to a positive and conscious shift toward healthier eating habits. Gakwi:yo:h Farms wants to reconnect ancestral philosophy and promote the relationship between their people, lands and the food they eat. Healthy foods, especially white corn-- a traditional and culturally important food-- are a priority for the farm, and with the support from the Seneca Nation Agriculture Department, the farm is able to use state of the art practices, equipment, and industry standards to achieve the highest productivity possible in order to have the greatest impact on the health and well-being of Seneca Tribal members.