Harvest Nation, Inc.

Website: https://ifkn.org/

Point of Contact: Mary Beth Jager (Research Coordination Team Member)

E-Mail Address: jager@email.arizona.edu

Phone Number: 406.461.5531

Harvest Nation was founded by four Indigenous women professionals and has been in the works for the past nine years. It will operate as a year-round community-supported agriculture business through a vertical indoor aeroponic farm. The first growing facility will be located on the Lake Vermilion Reservation and serves Minnesota’s northland towns of Tower, Cook, Ely, Orr, Virgina, Eveleth, and in the Bois Forte tribal communities on the Nett Lake and Vermilion reservations. Harvest Nation hopes to be in production by late Fall 2019. The farm’s revolutionary design makes healthy living a more realistic option in communities challenged by climate, economic constraints, and location. The multilevel production platforms within its design will allow for it to ensure cost-effective delivery while providing an abundance of heirloom vegetables and fruits, including a specialization of more than 40 heirloom fruits and vegetables. Harvest Nation will supply produce ranging from household staples like tomatoes and celery to specialty items such as blue potatoes. In Spring 2019, Harvest Nation gathered input from local residents, chefs, food partners, health professionals, and other food systems individuals to help assess how the communities wants and needs can best be represented in the design of the pilot farm. Through grant writing and a Crowdfunding Campaign, Harvest Nation plants to continue research and development. Harvest Nation aims to help in the areas of economic growth in the local economy, honoring health through quality food, promoting the social good that comes from having control over your local food system, and placing emphasis on environmental consciousness.