Ho-Chunk Farms

Website: https://www.facebook.com/hochunk.farms.5

Point of Contact: Aaron LaPointe

E-Mail Address: alapointe@hochunkfarms.com

Phone Number: (402)878-2809 ext. 1309

Ho-Chunk Farms brings an innovative approach to utilizing farming to impact the Winnebago Tribal Community's health and wellness, economic opportunities, and educational components that connect the Community with its farming. Their Indian Corn Project provides seeds and resources to growers so that the cultural practice of growing traditional corn can be revived. Ho-Chunk Farms has distributed raised garden beds throughout the community. They partner with Little Priest College and offer seeds and technical assistance to community growers. The projects have resulted in a farmers market where growers can sell their products and community members can obtain food options that improve healthy lifestyles. The Farms are at the center of an integral system that improves health and socio-economic wellbeing for the Winnebago tribe and its citizens.