Website: https://www.icollectiveinc.org/; https://business.facebook.com/pg/ICollective/

Point of Contact: David Rico/Brit Reed

E-Mail Address: icollectiveinc@gmail.com

I-collective is a group of Indigenous chefs, activists, herbalists, seed, and knowledge keepers from a broad range of diverse backgrounds throughout North America. The name of this group stands for four collective principles: indigenous, inspired, innovative, and independent. I-collective aims to develop an open dialogue and create a new narrative that promotes indigenous resiliency and innovation in gastronomy, agriculture, the arts, and society at large. In addition, I-collective also strives to highlight historical contributions from indigenous individuals. Increasing visibility, placing ownership on traditional foods and culture, and promoting indigenous ingredients and histories in the modern world are part of the vision of this group of people. They also aim to strengthen intertribal relationships with food, agriculture, and technology to present a more accurate American history regarding colonization. I-collective functions to innovatively celebrate a new Thanksgiving that is defined by an indigenous framework directed towards a healthier food system that values indigenous people, knowledge, and the planet.