Indigenous Foods Knowledges Network


Point of Contact: Mary Beth Jager (Research Coordination Team Member)

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: 406.461.5531

The Indigenous Foods Knowledges Network held its inaugural meeting in March 2018 in the presence of 23 indigenous and non-indigenous community leaders from the Southwest and Artic. This meeting was located at the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona, hosted by the GRIC Department of Environmental Quality, and convened by research teams from the University of Arizona and the University of Colorado at Boulder. The goal of Indigenous Foods Knowledges Network (IFKN) is to develop a network of Indigenous leaders, citizens, and scholars (both indigenous and non-indigenous) in an effort to focus on research and community capacity in relation to food sovereignty and resilience. Innovatively, IFKN bridges gaps between Arctic and US Southwest Indigenous knowledge systems for food and knowledge sovereignty. Indigenous Peoples in these two regions share common challenges around sustaining, revitalizing, and adapting food and knowledge practices in the context of environmental and social change. IFKN functions to promote and carry out research that accomplishes several goals, such as utilizing Indigenous research processes, embracing and respecting traditional knowledge systems, and supporting indigenous communities. IFKN also places a special emphasis on indigenous languages as a critical component of food and knowledge and indigenous communities having authority over research projects that affect them. This Network takes action, works across multiple scales, advocates for ethical research data and partnerships, connects across generations, and establishes a network of networks.