Point of Contact: Lexi Stickel

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: 503-581-3855

The IskamMǝkʰMǝk-Haws is the Grand Ronde community food bank. IskamMǝkʰMǝk-Haws, or the “house where you get food” in Chinuk-Wawa, is a partnership between Marion-Polk Food Share and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde to meet emergency food needs in the community. Iskam is a available to all community members and provides a three to five day supply of food, with a unique focus on providing fresh fruits and vegetables as well as Indigenous foods. Additionally, it has become a community food center focused on community building, providing classes on nutrition, gardening, cooking Indigenous foods, and food preservation of meat and fish. Currently they are leading the effort to conduct a Food Sovereignty Assessment and partnering with local providers to increase food access in creative ways, such as expanding Meals on Wheels and providing community health workers with access to food for their clients that meet their needs.