Ndee Bikiyaa

Website: https://ndeebikiyaa.org/

Point of Contact: Danya Carroll

E-Mail Address: danyacarroll@wmats.us

Phone Number: 970-6161146

NdeeBikiyaa, The People’s Farm, is a White Mountain Apache sustainable farming project with 24 acres of land to cultivate fruits and vegetables through garden beds, orchards, and cornfields. This project is community-driven and is rooted in Apache culture and tradition, focused on revitalizing farming. The organization supports local community members, including those that are recovering from substance abuse and addiction. They provide services for the local treatment center in which their clients go to the Farm classes for monthly classes. The Farm is not only a place for growing food but also strengthening wellness and culture. The farm was the first reservation in the United States to be USDA GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified. NdeeBikiyaa created and established a Farmer’s Market from mid-June to October and provides fresh, local, and organic produce to tribal businesses, schools, and families within the reservations.