Nw Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition (WEAVE-NW)

Website: http://www.npaihb.org/ntfs-coalition/

E-Mail Address: weave@npaihb.org

Phone Number: 503-228-4185

The NW Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition serves as an opportunity for tribal organizations to convene efforts that are driven by cultural revitalization, empowering communities, and the use of innovative strategies to improve the health of the people. The project WEAVE-NW (Wellness for Every American Indian to Achieve and View Health Equity) is a partnership between Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country (GHWIC). The project addresses chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes among American Indian/Alaska Native populations. Each community project that WEAVE-NW funds is community-led and rooted in cultural values. The coalition collaborates with Northwest Tribes on areas of food sovereignty and food system change, to bring together tribal communities, organizations, and ally partners to work inter-tribally and across disciplines and engage in the cultural exchange of knowledge, skills, and resources.