Saokio Heritage


Point of Contact: Rosalyn LaPier     

E-Mail Address:

Location: Valier, MT 59486

Saokio Heritage is a community-based organization created by Blackfeet women, which serves to educate and advocate for the revitalization of Blackfeet (AmskapiPiikani) traditional knowledge in a modern context. The organization is working to revitalize interest and use of traditional environmental knowledge, specifically traditional food use, among the Blackfeet people and to improve community health. They have provided education on traditional foods and written two widely used reports on traditional foods & policy. As language is a key component to passing on traditional knowledge, especially knowledge about traditional foods, revitalizing Native languages is one of Saokio Heritage’s primary concerns. They provide education and advocacy on Native American languages and partner with the National Coalition of Native American Language Schools and Programs to work on both state and national language policy. They also work with the state legislature to pass Native language policy.