Seed Change In Native Communities Project


Point of Contact: Alena Paisano

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: 505-819-8277

The National Farm to School Network’s Seed Change in Native Communities with Farm to School project works at the local level to expand farm to school activities, such as the procurement of local and traditional foods, school gardens, and food and agriculture education, in Native communities as a strategy to leverage community-wide initiatives towards building food security and foods sovereignty and towards revitalizing use of traditional foods. Five native schools have been awarded grants to expand and promote farm to school in their communities. In these communities, the expansion of farm to school programs has had documented positive impacts on creating healthier school environments. Core to the success of this project has been the understanding that there is no one-size-fits all solution to creating healthier communities, and this is particularly true in Native Communities where cultural context must be fully integrated into efforts to ensure their effectiveness and long-term sustainability.