Sioux Chef


Point of Contact: Sean Sherman

E-Mail Address:,

Phone Number: 612.486.CHEF (2433)

In 2014, Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota, founded and opened The Sioux Chef as a caterer and food educator to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Co-owner Dana Thompson is a lineal descendant of the Wahpeton-Sisseton and Mdewakanton Dakota tribes, featuring twenty years of experience in merchandising, marketing, and various diverse industries and settings. The Sioux Chef prides itself on being an ever-growing team of Anishinaabe, Mdewakanton Dakota, Navajo, Northern Cheyenne, Oglala Lakota, Wahpeton-Sisseton Dakota people who function as food lovers, food truckers, caterers, event planners, artists, ethnobotanists, foodpreservationists, foragers, adventurers, and chefs. The Sioux Chef is committed to the revitalization of Native American cuisine and reclaiming the culinary culture of North American that is often inaccessible. Part of the innovative mission of the Sioux Chef is to also support Indigenous owned and operated food producers and to help progress economic development and opportunities back into indigenous communities.