Urban Indian Health Institute

Website: https://www.uihi.org/

Point of Contact: Sofia Locklear

E-Mail Address: sofial@uihi.org

The Urban Indian Health Institute’s indigenous evaluation framework is inclusive of American Indians and Alaska Natives living in urban settings. This framework includes the core values of decolonizing data, centering of community, resiliency and strength based, and the recognition that community is created wherever indigenous people are, with the goal to use evaluation as a tool that lifts the stories of our indigenous communities, recognizes the interconnectedness with our environment, highlights the importance of indigenous ways of knowing, and pushes back on the white heteronormative patriarchal scripts that often seeks to erase Native identities and histories. The goal of their evaluation framework is to have communities recognize that indigenous people have always been researchers and evaluators and that they best know how to solve the "issues" that colonization has brought to indigenous people.